The Career Development Center helps JU students make informed career choices and design effective transitions from undergraduate study to careers and graduate education. Services and programs are provided to encourage students to begin the career planning process early by exploring prospective majors and careers and developing career decision-making skills. Later, students visit the center to gather information on internships, job search strategies and graduate school opportunities. Through facilitations on business etiquette, resumes, market research, interviewing and negotiation, students are taught the skills needed to conduct a self-directed job search.

Enrolled students may schedule appointments with professional counselors at the Student Counseling Center. Assistance is available for problems related to stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, alcohol and drugs, and family concerns. Confidentiality is protected under Florida law. Students requiring long-term counseling may request referral services from the counselors.

The Student Life Office coordinates disabled student services. Available resources include, but are not limited to, assistance with special accommodations, academic adjustments, study or tutorial assistance, lifestyle management, service coordination with other University departments, community agency referrals, and referral for testing and for reevaluation.

To assist international students in maintaining status with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and transitioning smoothly to life in the United States and at JU, the University has designated an international student advisor in the Student Life Office. The advisor guides international students through required U.S. Federal and University processes and procedures from first semester of enrollment to graduation. Specific information is published in the International Student Handbook, including immigration regulations, Internal Revenue Service requirements, health and health insurance requirements, and general information about U.S. customs and courtesies. International students also enjoy social contact through the International Student Association.

The Jacksonville University Student Alliance (JUSA), through the elected student representation, sponsors and funds co-curricular organizations, events and activities from student life fees. Elections for student representatives are held in the spring, with the exception of the freshman representatives which are held in the fall. Students who are academically eligible may run for and be elected to offices. Each full time student has an equal vote in the student alliance.

All students are entitled to admission to University-sponsored campus events and free copies of some student publications. Students also are eligible to participate in student organizations and activities, provided they meet academic qualifications required by the University and eligibility requirements specified by an organization’s charter, constitution and/or bylaws.

The Student Solutions Center functions as a resource center, by helping students navigate the University’s resources. The Solutions Center provides support for students by connecting them with the appropriate offices and resource persons on campus for their respective concerns. The Center engages in significant outreach to students who are struggling academically, socially, and financially. The Center works closely with the Academic Advising Center to reach out to students who are on academic probation or received poor mid-term grade reports. The Center also provides general guidance to students who need assistance managing their finances by serving as a liaison to the financial aid department and controller’s office.​