The MSN Clinical Nurse Educator will be prepared to provide highly qualified direct patient services and discipline-specific educational concepts to nursing practice. This program is geared towards students pursuing a Nurse Educator position or higher.

In addition to the MSN Core courses, the Clinical Nurse Educator cognate requires a total of 15 credit hours as follows:


Code​ Course​ Credit​
​NUR 502 ​Advanced Pathophysiology 3​
NUR 521​ Pharmacology & Physical Assessment for the ​ 3​
Clinical Nurse Educator​
​NUR 525 ​Measuring Educational Outcomes in Nursing 3​
NUR 526​ Engaged Learning​ 3​
NUR 548​ Curriculum Development in Nursing​ 3​
                                                                                                   Total:​ 15​

​ ​