Exercise Science majors at Jacksonville University will encounter a strong foundation of science courses which integrate hands-on applications for students to apply theory into practice. With an integrated curriculum, students can receive the foundational and specialty courses needed to pursue a health- and/or sport-related career at an entry-level position or at the graduate and/or professional school level. During their senior year, students complete the Exercise Science program with a capstone internship experience in various health- and/or sport-related markets.  

There are numerous career options available to Exercise Science majors. In today's job market, approximately 60% of Exercise Science graduates will continue their education in graduation and/or professional school in order to be competitive in this evolving and highly diverse field. For those who choose to enter the professional field directly after graduating with their Bachelor of Science (BS) degree (~40%), entry-level jobs are available that require, in most cases but not all, further certification from an accredited professional organization. Given the diversity of career choices it is important to identify a career path in Exercise Science that works best for you.


The Department of Sport and Exercise Science offers undergraduate four-year BS degrees in:

  • Exercise Science


The department also offers undergraduate minors in:

  • Coaching
  • Exercise Science​