General music courses open to all students, regardless of major, include:
 Code Course
 MUS 111-112  Class Piano I & II (sections for non-majors) 
 MUS 140  Fundamentals of Theory
 MUS 150  Introduction to Music Technology
 MUS 199
   and 476 
Special Topics in Music
 MUS 212  Class Voice I
 MUS 213  Class Voice II
 MUS 222-422 Wind Ensemble 
 MUS 225  Music Appreciation: History of Pop and Rock
 MUS 226
Music Appreciation: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal of the 1980s
 MUS 238 

Music Appreciation: Classical Music

 MUS 327  Music Ensembles
 MUS 328  Music Theatre or Opera Workshop
 MUS 335SI History of Opera

 Audition is required for these courses:

 Code Course
 MUS 220-420 JU Chorus                             
 MUS 227-427 University Orchestra
 MUS 228-428 ​ University Singers​
 MUS 229-429  Jazz Band​