The major in glass leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is designed for students who intend to pursue professional art careers or graduate study in the visual arts.
All BFA Glass majors will complete the following:
  • Required art fundamentals and art history core courses listed below.
  • A concentration of 36 credit hours from the courses listed below.


Art Fundamentals
Code Course Credit
ART 100 2-D Design 4
ART 101 3-D Design 4
ART 107 Drawing I 3
ART 209 Figure Drawing I 3
ART 450WI Senior Seminar I: The Emerging Artist1 3
ART 451SI Senior Seminar II: Visual Presentations2 3
Subtotal: 20
1. Satisfies Core Curriculum writing-intensive course requirement for BFA Glass majors.
2. Satisfies Core Curriculum speech-intensive course requirement for BFA Glass majors.

Art History Core
Code Course Credit
ARH 303 Ancient through Medieval Art Survey 3
ARH 304 Renaissance to Modern Art Survey 3
ARH 382 20th Century Modern Art to Post-Modern Art 3
ARH xxx Art History Elective 3
Subtotal: 12


Glass Concentration 

Code Course  Credit 
ART 223 Glass Art: Blowing I 4
ART 230 Introductory Sculpture  4
ART 323 Glass Art: Blowing II 4
ART 324 Glass Art: Casting 4
ART 423 Glass Art: Blowing III 4
ART 476 Special Topics in Glass 4
ART 480 Senior Studio 4
ART 490 Art Internship 4
ART xxx  Any four (4) credit hour ART elective 4
                                                                       Subtotal:​ 36​
​                                                                              Total: 68​