The Accelerated Degree Program provides learning opportunities tailored for persons other than full-time day students. The mission of the program is to extend the University’s instructional offerings to working people, in times and formats that are convenient for persons with daytime commitments.​

Differing in format and philosophy from conventional programs for college students, each ADP area of study gives adults an opportunity to complete a college degree and to obtain new skills for job advancement or change.  This program is ideal for mature, highly motivated, self-disciplined students who have strong academic backgrounds and desire to expedite baccalaureate completion.

An academic year includes fall, spring and summer semesters.  Students normally take from 3 to 12 credit hours per semester.  Refer to Course Loads in the Academic Information Section of this catalog for limits.

In order to accelerate progress, students are encouraged to attend the summer sessions as well.  Classes are both time and content intensive, and attendance is required for all class sessions.


The Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) provides educational opportunities for adult students by offering a complete undergraduate program leading to one of two (2) degrees:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with majors in:
    • Business Administration
    • Finance
    • Management
    • Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in the Social Sciences (BS)

For specific requirements of the Bachelor of Business Administration degrees, see the requirements for individual majors in the Davis College of Business section of this catalog.

For specific requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences, see the requirements for the Social Sciences major in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this catalog.


Refer to Accelerated Degree Program under the Admission section of this catalog.
Students planning to major in the Davis College of Business must make separate application to the Davis College of Business. For details on these requirements and procedures refer to the Undergraduate Admissions page under the Admissions section of this catalog.
Courses are typically offered in 8-week terms.  There are two (2) eight-week sessions of classes available to students in each semester, including summer.  Students may select from courses offered on weeknights or weekends.  Some majors may include courses that are taught only in a 15-week format.
Accelerated classes are designed for the working adult to facilitate completion of a bachelor's degree.  Accelerated classes make it possible for students to achieve full-time status (i.e., enrolled in 12 credit hours or more in a semester).
Fall, spring and summer semesters - $448 (per semester hour)
ADP tuition is a special rate unavailable to students who are currently enrolled in the traditional undergraduate academic program or to ADP students who enroll in courses offered through the traditional undergraduate academic programs.
ADP students whose schedules permit may avail themselves of classes offered under the traditional program schedule.  However, the traditional tuition rate will apply.
ADP students must follow the same tuition payment procedures as traditional undergraduate students.  The University offers options including student loans, financial aid, and corporate sponsor bill, if applicable, via the student's employer.  ADP students deferring payment due to employer reimbursement will be charged a payment deferment fee of $75 per semester.


Students enrolled in the ADP accelerated class format should refer to the calendar published each semester in the ADP Class Schedule for the deadline dates concerning withdrawal and refunds.

Nonattendance in class does not constitute withdrawal.  If a student wished to drop or withdraw from a class, he/she must submit a Registration/Schedule Change Form to the Accelerated Degree Program office for transmittal to the Registrar's office by the deadline published in the ADP Class Schedule.


Accelerated Degree program students are subject to the same academic rules and regulations that apply to all JU students.  General University policies described in this catalog apply to ADP students as well.

For more details, refer to Academic Information and to General Policies sections in this catalog.



Students who plan to graduate must apply for graduation one academic year prior to the anticipated graduation semester.

For more information, see Graduation - Academic Information.