Jacksonville University’s Public Policy Institute (JU PPI), established in January 2012, is the first Institute of its kind in Florida, and with faculty approval and support, will offer the first Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree and first MPP-JD, MPP-MBA and MPP-Marine Science joint degree programs in the State of Florida.
Through its faculty, board of advisors and founding director, JU PPI is developing a comprehensive public policy program that seeks to prepare future leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. It also seeks to solve community problems by providing public policy expertise, collaboration among policymakers and academics, and public discussion on  policy issues that shape the future of Jacksonville, the region, the state and nation..
JU PPI's public policy program is focused on students, the community and mid-career professionals. It includes the following:
Academic Program
JU PPI has developed the first MPP Program in the State of Florida and is preparing to offer a Master in Public Policy (MPP) in the Fall of 2013. The MPP degree is interdisciplinary and will include courses in economics, political science, statistics, quantitative analysis, ethics and leadership as well as specific policy areas. The two-year program includes an internship after the first year of courses and a policy thesis in the second year.
MPP graduates work in the public, non-profit and private sectors and play an important role in shaping the future of the communities in which they live.
JU PPI, with faculty approval and support, will also offer MPP-JD, MPP-MBA and MPP-Marine Science joint degree programs in the Fall of 2013. For the MPP-JD joint degree, JU PPI is working with the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL). A joint MPP-JD degree can be obtained in four years, instead of five years if pursued separately. JU PPI, and Jacksonville University’s outstanding MBA and Marine Science programs, will offer a unique opportunity for joint MPP and MBA degrees, or joint MPP and Marine Science MS/MA degrees, which can be obtained in three years, instead of four years if pursued separately.
Community Programs
JU PPI, through its faculty, graduate students, board of advisors and community partners, will provide policy conferences, forums and speakers for the community, and bring together policymakers, academics and the public. Some policy conferences may focus on diverse policy issues, while others may focus on a specific public policy issue. Regardless, the conferences will be open to the public and seek to provide collaboration, a neutral gathering place and substantive expertise, education and discussion.
Mid-Career Professional Program
For those already in the work force, JU PPI will be offering executive courses and a curriculum leading to a certificate in public policy. The certificate can provide invaluable education and training for mid-career professionals, public and non-profit employees, elected officials and others in the work force.