Academic Advising

Academic advising is an important part of the overall education process at JU. Students are encouraged to establish personal contacts with their faculty advisors throughout their college careers. Academic advisors promote interaction with students, assist with course scheduling and career planning, monitor academic progress, provide accurate information about educational requirements and procedures and refer students to other campus services when necessary.

All undergraduate students are urged to meet with their faculty advisors at least twice per semester to discuss their academic progress and to plan a class schedule for the next term. Advisors in the Academic Advising Center work with incoming freshman and transfer students over the summer to create their first semester schedule at JU.


Students who have chosen a major are assigned a faculty advisor within their major area of study for their first semester at JU. Students who are undecided about a major are assigned a professional advisor in the Advising Center, Howard Building 1st Floor, until they do declare a major.


Services offered by the Advising Center include advising programs for students experiencing academic difficulty, the Academic Intervention System of identifying specific issues that impede a student's success in a particular class, mid-term progress reports and long-term academic planning.