The Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) provides educational opportunities for adult students by offering a complete undergraduate program leading to one of two (2) degrees:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with majors in:
    • Finance
    • General Business
    • Management
    • Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in the Social Sciences (BS)

Differing in format and philosophy from conventional programs for college students, each ADP area of study gives adults an opportunity to complete a college degree and to obtain new skills for job advancement or change. This program is ideal for mature, highly motivated, self-disciplined students who have strong academic backgrounds and desire to expedite baccalaureate completion.

An academic year includes fall, spring and summer semesters. Students normally take from 3 to 12 credit hours per semester. Refer to Course Loads in the Academic Information section of this catalog for enrollment limits.

In order to accelerate progress, students are encouraged to attend the summer sessions as well. Classes are both time and content intensive, and attendance is required for all class sessions.