The School of Education (SOE) undergraduate programs are comprised of two departments:
  • Teacher Education
  • Sport and Exercise Science

Each academic program incorporates the SOE’s connected-learning approach to education through supportive faculty-teacher relationships, curriculum based on current practice and research, and varied field-based experiences. These programs are geared towards traditional age or transfer students.

All students enrolled in School of Education (SOE) courses and or programs will be expected to uphold high standards for professional behavior.  To monitor these standards, the SOE Dispositions Instrument will be introduced at program entrance, monitored and evaluated by SOE faculty through program candidacy and completion.  Candidates for program completion are accountable for demonstrating adherence to all dispositions while attending professional meetings and classes on campus and during required field work, practice, and internships.  Failure to meet all standards may result in probation or suspension from the program.  Candidacy for graduation from ALL SOE programs requires verification by faculty and the Dean of the SOE that all dispositional standards have been satisfactorily demonstrated.​