Students expecting to major in any of the above programs must audition in person or forward a DVD or VHS recording on their principal instrument or voice (principal applied area) and meet admission criteria prior to enrolling at JU.

Auditions in person may be arranged throughout the academic year and are conducted on departmentally scheduled audition dates. Those who cannot appear in person must submit a video-recorded performance. Auditions are used to determine a student’s level of placement and possible music scholarships and music service grant awards. Audition appointments may be arranged with the Admissions Department.

Placement tests in theory and keyboard are administered at the time of registration. Students who have taken the advanced theory placement exam and receive a score of 4 or 5 will be given credit for MUS 141 and MUS 142; these students should enroll in MUS 241 and MUS 257. Students scoring 3 must be tested. Students scoring 1 or 2 will not receive advanced placement.

Students planning to major in music education, music performance, jazz, or composition and theory must enroll in piano each semester until the keyboard proficiency examination has been passed.​