The administration cognate prepares nurses for leadership positions in administration in a variety of healthcare systems. Students who choose the administration cognate are required to take the graduate nursing core. In addition, nursing administration students must take an additional 18 credits of nursing and business courses listed below: 
 Code Course   Credit
 NUR 506  Nursing Leadership & Health Policy  3
 NUR 528  Managment of Information Technology  3
 ACCT 500  Essentials of Accounting  2
 ECON 500*  Essentials of Economics  2
 DSIM 500  Essentials of Quantitative Methods  2
 MGT 566  Legal & Ethical Resource Managment  3
 MGT 610

 Strategic Human Resource Managment

   Total:  18

*MSN-admin students may substitute two (2) semesters of undergraduate Economics to fulfill ECON 500.​