The core curriculum supports the University’s mission of ensuring student success by helping provide the breadth of knowledge that is essential for the college-educated person. The core provides the liberal arts foundation for all bachelor’s degrees. Courses in the core curriculum examine the disciplines that the University faculty deems important to a liberal arts education. These core courses include:
  • economics
  • English
  • fine arts
  • global studies (foreign language or international studies)
  • history
  • humanities
  • laboratory science
  • literature
  • mathematics
  • philosophy
  • social science
  • technology

Courses in the core curriculum also are intended to help students develop their skills in writing, speaking, and critical thinking. Core requirements are extensive enough to provide a solid foundation, but they are also focused enough to allow students considerable flexibility in completing most degree programs. The University faculty encourages students, where possible, to pursue double majors, acquire minors, participate in internships and independent studies, study abroad, and carry out service learning projects.​