The BA degree in Film offers students the opportunity to explore film history, theory, and criticism in depth along with a hands-on introduction to production. This combination of theoretical study with production experience gives students a unique understanding of how film creates meaning.

The major in film leading to the BA degree is designed for students who intend to pursue professional careers or graduate study in the visual arts after college. Film studies students may choose to focus their analysis on film through a specialization in Screenwriting or Directing.

All students will complete the following:

  • Students majoring in film must complete the appropriate Film Core courses.
  • A concentration of 30 credit hours from courses selected from the concentrations offered by the division, Screenwriting or Directing


Film Core

Code Course Credit
ENGL 210 Elements of Film 3
FVA 201 Elements of Screenwriting 3
FVA 101 Introduction to Film 3
FVA 480WI Senior Thesis: Fall1 3
FVA 481SI Senior Thesis: Spring2 3
Total: 15

1. Satisfies Core Curriculum Writing Intensive (WI) course requirement for film majors.
2. Satisfies Core Curriculum Speech Intensive (SI) course requirement for film majors.



Code Course Credit
ARH 382 Modern Art – Post-Modern Art 3
COM 450 Nonverbal Communication 3
ENGL 302WI Writing: Exposition 3
ENGL 306WI Writing: Fiction, Poetry, Drama 3
ENGL 310 Studies in Film 3
ENGL 406G/WI Writing (Advanced): Fiction, Poetry, Drama 3
ENGL 3xx or 4xx Upper Level English Elective 3
FVA 301 Advanced Screenwriting 3
PHIL 221 Philosophy of Art 3
THEA 330 Playscript Fundamentals 3
Total: 30


Code Course Credit
ART 206 Photography II/Film Photograph 4
ART 251 Digital Art 4
FVA 261 Basic Computer Animation 4
FVA 361 Time-Based Art 4
FVA 371 Cinematography Workshop 4
FVA 471 Directing Workshop 4
THEA 111 Theatre Production Practicum 3
THEA 113 Acting I 3
Total: 30​