The BA degree in Art offers students the opportunity to explore a liberal arts degree program with a major in art. All students will complete the following:
  • Students majoring in art must complete the appropriate art fundamentals courses.
  • A concentration of 16 credit hours from courses selected from the concentrations offered by the division, under the direction of a visual arts faculty member or division chair.



Art Fundamentals

Code Course Credit
ARH 303 Ancient through Medieval Art Survey 3
ARH 304 Renaissance to Modern Art Survey 3
ARH 382WI Modern Art – Post-Modern Art 1 3
ARH xxx Art History Elective 3
ART 100 2-D Design 4
ART 101 3-D Design 4
ART 107 Drawing I 3
ART 209 Figure Drawing I 3
Subtotal: 26

1. Satisfies Core Curriculum writing-intensive course requirement for B.A. in art majors.

Additional Requirements

Code Course Credit

Concentration Requirements

Total: 42​