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Disabled Student Support

A Student Life professional staff member is the university's coordinator for Disability Support Services. JU recognizes that some disabilities are primarily physical, while others are psychological or involve specific disabilities of the learning process. Available resources include assistance with course scheduling, adjustments to full-time status requirements, coordination of services with other University departments such as Residential Life and Counseling Services, counseling in faculty/peer relations, guidance in lifestyle management and community agency referrals. Accommodations in the classroom may include: priority seating, change of classroom, tape recording of lectures, extra time for tests, alternative test formats, etc.

If you seek assistance or request "reasonable accommodation" under the ADA Section 504 Act, you must provide complete medical and/or psychological documentation to the coordinator for Disability Support Services. Documentation must be current - not more than three years old. Requests for "reasonable accommodations" must be done in a timely manner so faculty/staff can plan for the accommodations. Students with disabilities are responsible for maintaining the same academic levels as other students, maintaining appropriate behavior and providing timely notifications of special needs. Students must request "reasonable accommodations" each semester of enrollment to receive the accommodations.

Students with hearing and speech related disabilities should call the Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955-8771 for TDD assistance.

Contact Student Life for more information at