Department of Biology and Marine Science

 ​The Department of Biology and Marine Science offers two undergraduate programs (Biology and Marine Science) and a graduate program in Marine Science.  These scientific areas are interdisciplinary, as is reflected in the degree requirements.

 Biology and marine sciences, like all science are not just bodies of knowledge.  Science is a way of knowing; science is process.  Through the different teaching styles of the faculty and the varied field and laboratory experiences, our students
are mentored and engaged in the process of science.

 We encourage students to gain additional ​hands-on experience through internships and research with the faculty. Students who wish to participate in undergraduate research may do so by registering for Independent Study courses with particular faculty members. In addition, some students work closely with faculty as laboratory assistants, which is particularly helpful for students who wish to teach.

 To properly prepare for entry into our undergraduate programs, High School students should focus on Math, Science, and English courses.  Ideally, incoming students will be prepared to take precalculus or calculus and general chemistry, but remedial courses can be taken the first year to stay on track.

 ​Our faculty offer a broad range of expertise and are here to help our students grow and succeed.  We combine the values of a liberal arts institution with scientific training in order to prepare our students for a wide range of employment and professional programs.