Full-time Faculty and Staff



Ken Black (Instructor)
B.S. University of Florida; M.F.A.S. University of Florida
Areas of Specialization: Ecophysiology of estuarine organisms, environmental toxicology, nutrition


Rose Borkowski (Associate Professor)
B.A. University of North Carolina; DVM University of Florida.
Area of Specialization: Veterinary Medicine, Biology and Medicine of Birds, Marine and Terrestrial Mammals, Diseases of Zoo and Wildlife Species, Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Lee Ann J. Clements (Professor & Chair Division of Science and Mathematics)
B.A., University of Virginia; M.S. & Ph.D., University of South Carolina.
Areas of Specialization: Biological Oceanography, Physiological Ecology and Regeneration in Invertebrates


John Enz (Assistant Professor)
B.S. University of Texas at El Paso, M.S. University of Texas at El Paso, Ph.D. University of Louisville
Area of Specialization: Entomology, Pollination Ecology, Aquatic Macroinvertebrates,  Herpetology, Tropical Ecology, Study Abroad, Human Anatomy and Physiology


Dr. Nisse Goldberg (Assistant Professor)
BA, Univ. California, Santa Cruz; MS, San Jose State University; PhD, University of Western Australia
Areas of Specialization: Terrestrial and Marine Botany, Terrestrial and Marine Ecology


Karen E. Jackson (Professor & Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning)
B.A., Jacksonville University; Ph.D., University of Florida.
Areas of Specialization: Immunology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology


Daniel A. McCarthy (Associate Professor & Department Co-Chair)
B.S., Jacksonville University; M.S. Florida State University; Ph.D. King's College, University of London
Areas of Specialization: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology, Reproduction of Marine Organisms


Heather McCarthy (Laboratory Manager)
B.S., University of Central Florida.
M.E.M. (Master of Environmental Management), Duke University.
Areas of Specialization: Coastal Environmental Management and Policy, Sea Turtles, Non-native Species, and Nature Writing.


Cathy Miller (Instructor)
B.S. Miami University; M.S. University of California Riverside
Areas of Specialization: Altitude physiology, anatomy and physiology


Anthony J.A. Ouellette (Associate Professor & Department Co-Chair)
A.A., Valencia Community College; B.S., University of Central Florida; Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Areas of Specialization: Toxic Cyanobacteria, Microbiology, Biochemistry


W. Curtis Small (Associate Professor)
B.S. North Carolina State University; Ph.D. University of North Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Advanced Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Physiology, Genetic Control of Metabolic Flux


Jeremy Stalker (Assistant Professor)
B.S. Michigan State UniversityM.S. University of Montana; Ph.D. Florida International University
Areas of Specialization: Hydrology, Stable isotope, ionic, and nutrient Geochemistry, Coastal Oceanography, Geophysics, Forensics


Natasha Vanderhoff (Assistant Professor)
B.S. Loyola University of Chicago, M.S. University of Louisville, Ph.D. University of Louisville
Areas of Specialization: Behavioral Ecology, Foraging, Animal Communication, Ornithology, Tropical Ecology, Primatology

A. Quinton White Jr (Professor & Executive Director of the MSRI)
B.S. North Carolina Wesleyan College; M.S., University of Virginia; Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology, Ecology and Life History of Manatees


Associate Faculty


Gerry Pinto
Ph.D., Plymouth Polytechnic, Plymouth, England.
Aquaculture, Marine Ecology, and Ecology and Life History of Manatees.

Stephen Murray

James Dobson

Michelle Drewry
M.S., University of North Florida

Elizabeth Reynolds

Ryan Ford
M.S., University of North Florida



Marine Science Graduate Students




(Not Pictured)
Alexander Brehm

(Not Pictured)
Justine Dacey



Kaitlyn Dietz
Georgia College & State University, BS Biology
Sea Turtles 


(Not Pictured)
Ivana Espinosa

Lindsay Gerzel
Furman University, majored in Biology
Interest: Marine Mammal Behavior and Cognition

Marshalluna Hudson
Univeristy of central Arkansas, Majored in Biology
Interest: MarineMammalogy


(Not Pictured)
Andrea Leontiou

Jolene Warnke-Roszel
Jacksonville University -B.S., majored in Environmental Sicence/Marine Science
Jacksonville University-M.A., majored in Teaching-Elementary Education
Interest: Marine Science Education and Coastal Resource Management

(Not Pictured)
Hadley Splane

Madelyn Woods
Boston University, majored in Political Science
Interest: Zooplankton and Invertebrate Diversity & Distribution

Courtney Fletcher
University of Florida, majored in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Interest: Shark Ecology and Behavior, Marine Science Education


Second year Graduate Students



Elizabeth Maitland
Undergrad at Jacksonville University, majored in Biology & Marine Science
Interest: Manatee Populations & Submerged Aquatic availability in the St. Johns River




(Not Pictured)
Kimberly Mann
Undergrad at Troy University, majored in Marine Biology
Interest: Estuary Systems


Rad Murphy
Radford Murphy, Jr.
Undergrad at Harvard University, majored in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Interest: Shark Ecology and Physiology




Alex Paradise
Undergrad at University of Rhode Island, majored in Marine Biology
Interest: Fish Ecology and Physiology



Stephanie Sowa
Undergrad at University of Arizona in Tucson, majored in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Interest: Marine Mammals