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Student Activities and Awards

Student Societies:
The following Societies give students opportunities to work and socialize with other students with similar interests. 

Some articles regarding our societies / clubs:
Rho Rho Rho making waves
Campus Organizations Clean up JU
ECO Clean-Up
Right Whale Festival
Dolphins Descend on Sea World

BBB (Beta Beta Beta): National Biological Honor Society (national website here)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nisse Goldberg (

Sponsors speakers on a variety of research and career topics of interest to members. Full membership in BBB requires a 3.0 GPA within the major and at least 12 hours of credit in biology. All of the student groups cooperate on social activities.

ECO/SOS (Environmental Conservation Organization/Student Oceanic Society) 
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jeremy Stalker ( and Dr. Natasha Vanderhoff (

President: Kara Seitz-
Vice President: Jennifer Wawra- -

ECO/SOS is a Biology and Marine Science group at Jacksonville University to help get students with like interests in our field together for fun, opportunity, and community service.  We are open to non-biology majors with interest in this area as well.  SOS sponsors speakers on topics of marine biology and geology, and is responsible for the Traveling Tide Pool. ECO organizes field trips to sites of ecological or environmental interest and takes an active role in recycling and campus cleanups. We have taken trips to the Jacksonville Zoo, participated in beach cleanups, worked at the Right Whale Festival, and had potluck movie dinners, just to name a few of our past events.  We welcome any new members and ideas!  We hope to see you at our next meeting!  For more information, read this and contact one of the officers or the adviser. 

JUMPS (JU Medical Professionals Society)
Faculty Advisor​ ​Dr. Rose Borkowski (

Sponsors speakers on careers in the health-related professions and organizes field trips to local medical schools and hospitals. 

Other opportunities on campus can be found at the Campus Activities page


Student Awards
Academic Excellence Award in Biology and Marine Science
2015 Travis Ballard and Rhea Derke
2014 Timothy Radley, Thomas Radley, Joshua Hill
2013 Ann-Marie Connolly  
2012 Hannah Pumphrey and Robert Pawlett

Outstanding Biology Student of the Year
2015 Eric Byrd and Rhea Derke
2014 Ashley Briddell
2013 Alissa Cowell and  Alicia Gard-Kaminkow  
2012 Abbey Beates

Outstanding Marine Science Student of the Year
2015 Laura Wenk
2014 Keenan Carpenter, Brett Durda, and Jenell Larse​n​
2013 Tayler Massey   (Also awarded a Division Student of the Year award)
2012 Emma Fowler and Kara Cecil

Northeast Florida Association of Environmental Professionals Award
2013 Mackenzie Sanchez
2012 Reynold Ly and Jennifer Wawra

Don B. Creager Award

This award is made in honor of a former professor who taught botany at Jacksonville University from 1963 to 1968.  In his teaching he strove to transfer his own love of and appreciation for the importance of plants to his students.  This award is made in his honor to a capable and promising student of botany in the Department of Biology and Marine Science.

2013 Rhea Derke
2012 Brittney Elamon White and Virginia Iwinski

Renaissance Award in Science and Music
2015 Rhea Derke