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Internships & Career planning

​Preparing for careers and further education in the Biological and Marine Sciences

  Preparation for a job or graduate program requires relevant experience.  Laboratory and field courses as part of the JU Biology and Marine Science programs provide these types of experience.  However, it is recommended that you also obtain additional experience in a field that interests you by either doing independent study or research under the mentorship of a JU faculty member, and/or obtain experience via an internship, volunteer opportunity, or summer job.  Internships in research labs, field stations, hospitals, museums and industry are available on a competitive basis. 

Be a motivated student and find an opportunity!

  In addition to the links below, specific opportunities (INTERNSHIPS / JOBS / SHORT COURSES / SYMPOSIA / VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES, ETC.) are announced on a regular, ongoing basis on the "JU Biology and Marine Science” Facebook Wall.  You do not need to have a Facebook account to read the posts, but you might want to join the group (Do NOT friend JU BIO-MSC faculty) so that you are notified when new opportunities arise.

Some Internship, Volunteer, and Research Opportunities (This list is to get you going, don't hesitate to contact theJU Career Services):
JU Internship information from career services (lots of info!)
Specific postings listed by the MSRI .
Specific postings listed on the JU Biology and Marine Science” Facebook Wall .

Perry Institute for Marine Science (Jupiter FL; Bahamas) .
Mote Marine Laboratory (Sarasota FL)
American Society for Limnology and Oceanography Student opportunities (mostly for if you are applying to grad school, but some undergrad. opportunities are also listed)
Society for Conservation Biology
HUGE list of summer opportunities
NASA Space and Aeronautics Internship Project and another link here
The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Marine Lab Internship
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Pelican Harbor Seabird Station
Florida Wildlife Hospital
Archibold Biological Station Environmental Education
Dolphin Research Center
The National Park Service
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Turpentine Creek Exotic Cat Internship and Horticulture internships
U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Student Opportunities
Microbiology at Virginia Tech
Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities National Internship Program
U.S. Department of Agriculture
National Institutes of Health Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Summer Internship
International Crane Foundation
REU Chesapeake Bay (Sea Grant Maryland)
National Council for Science and the Environment
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Penn State College of Medicine
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Yale BioSTEP
Harvard Summer Research Program in Ecology
Mayo Clinic Clinical Research Internship Study Program (Jacksonville)
Volunteering at Shands Jacksonville
Association of Zoos and Aquariums Job postings (including internships)
AGI Geoscience & Public Policy Internships
St. Johns River Water Management District Student Employment Program (including Jacksonville)

Local Clinical Laboratory Science Programs:
St. Vincent School of Medical Technology
Mayo Clinical Laboratory Science Program

Career Planning:
Careers in Marine Biology from NOAAs Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Marine Science Careers from Sea Grant
Centers for Disease Control
American Institute of Biological Sciences: Careers in the Biological Sciences
Ecology as a career (with links to jobs boards)
Schools of Public Health
U.S. Federal Government Job postings in Biological Sciences ( aka U.S.A. Jobs)
Working for the Environmental Protection Agency
Science Writing
Career Planning Guides from the National Academies

Professional Schools:
JU Pre-professional programs page
Requirements for specific Veterinary Schools from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges website
Medical School information from the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Acceptance Rates for Medical School applicants by GPA and MCAT scores
Dental career info from the American Dental Association
Association of Schools and Colleges of ​Optometry
Physical Therapist Education Overview by the American Physical Therapy Association
Becoming a PA by the American Academy of Physician Assistants
Osteopathic Medicine & Becoming an Osteopathic Physician by the American Assoc. of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
Pharmacy School Admission Requirements from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Job listings:
Society for Conservation Biology
Jobs posted by the New Scientist
NOAA jobs and internships

  Job opportunities in biology include teaching at the elementary or secondary level; museum education and exhibit coordinators; sales representatives for biological supply companies, pharmaceutical companies or publishers of science books; science journalism; and laboratory or field technician. Depending on what you choose to specialize in, you may be working in a classroom, research laboratory, or in an outdoor setting.

  Jacksonville University biology graduates have gone on to successful careers in a variety of areas. Some of their employers include the Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Florida Division of Parks and Recreation; Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission; the Florida Marine Research Institute; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  Many students go on to graduate school in biology, zoology, or a related field such as public health or environmental science. In addition, many students choose to pursue professional degrees in medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy or veterinary science, or enroll in physical therapy or kinesiology programs. Students who want to pursue graduate study should take advantage of opportunities to do undergraduate research and assist in labs