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Starting Fall 2012, pay will no longer be enrollment based except for full-time faculty summer overloads.  The attached Payroll Rat​e Sheet​ was developed by the Deans and SVPAA in order to streamline the process. This interactive sheet supersedes all previous versions and any deviation from the posted rates are determined by the Dean and must be noted accordingly on the payroll sheet.  In order to calculate the "Full-Time Faculty Overload Pay Calculation" insert the annual salary where indicated.  The form will populate all boxes automatically. 

In order for payroll to be met on a timely basis, Academic Affairs requires that payroll sheets (printed on yellow paper) be submitted to the AA office the day before they are due in Human Resources.  Please refer to the attached Payroll Calendar for 2016.

Note that JU ID numbers are to be used for each person, course Sync # (4 digit) are required and if there is any deviation from the normal payroll payscales that notes must be made on the payroll sheet indicating what the change is and why.  Payroll object codes change with each semester.  Please refer to the chart below:

Fall Adjunct​ 61120​
Fall Overload​ 61130​
Fall Chair​


Spring Adjunct​ 61123​
Spring Overload​ 61133​
Spring Chair​ 61223​
Summer I Adjunct​ 61126​
Summer I Overload​ 61136​
Summer I Chair​ 61226​
Summer II Adjunct​ 61127​
Summer II Overload​ 61137​
Summer II Chair​ 61227​