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Sponsored Programs

Jacksonville University encourages faculty and administrators to seek external funding in the form of sponsored grants and contracts to support scholarly projects and activities that will expand and enrich Jacksonville University’s mission. Extramural funding enhances JU’s capacity to provide diverse, high-quality educational opportunities that will prepare students for lifelong success.

If you are working on a grant or contract, please be advised that all budgets and draft narratives must be reviewed by Administration before they may be submitted. This can be accomplished through a two-step approval process.

Step 1: Contact our Director of Grant Development, Renee Rossi. Renee is a Certified Grant Specialist, and is authorized to submit grant applications and contract proposals on behalf of the University; she will be able to assist you from the concept phase all the way through to award acceptance. Renee will also conduct a preliminary review of your project before it moves on for further approvals. Specifically, she can help you:

  • analyze and interpret the RFP (Request for Proposals) so you know exactly what you need to submit an application,
  • seek out collaborative partnerships, both internally and externally, if needed,
  • help you plan your proposal, and build your budget,
  • edit your proposal as well as write non-technical portions of text.

Step 2: Obtain the required internal approvals. All proposals, regardless of the amount being requested, must be reviewed and signed off on by JU officials prior to submission. This step helps to keep administration informed of campus initiatives, as well as protect both the Principal Investigator, and the University, from over-committing university resources. Renee will also help you facilitate this process so you can focus on preparing a strong, well-written proposal.

JU is currently updating its Grant Policies and Procedures Manual. Please contact the Director of Grant Development for any specific questions:

Renee Rossi
Director of Grant Development
Phone: 256-7458
Office: Howard Administration Building, 2nd Floor