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Faculty Information (By-Laws, Handbooks, Misc Forms)

Faculty By-Laws & Statutes (version 7/27/2009)

Faculty Chair Stipend Agreement: to be completed for departmental chair stipends. 

Faculty Committees Assignments 2015-16

Faculty Handbook (revised Spring 2010 and April 2012 to include JU Intellectual Property Policy) 

Outside Employment Policy 

Outside Employment Form:  Full-time faculty engaged in outside employment shall inform their immediate supervisor of such employment, make certain that this outside employment does not represent a conflict of interest with employment at the University, and not accept an employment schedule that could or does present a conflict with duties and responsibilities as full-time employees of the University.  The Outside Employment form is to be completed by the faculty member and submitted to the dean of the college for approval by September 1. The original of the form should be sent to the CAO.

Faculty Overload Agreement: to be completed for faculty overload stipends.