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Faculty Development

Faculty Development: Full-time faculty are eligible to apply for funding to attend conferences and events.  Limits are placed on whether faculty is attending as an attendee or a presenter.  Requests are due to the Division Chair for signature and then should be submitted  to Academic Affairs for the Provost's final approval.  Faculty will receive an email from Carrie Ayer that will include the approved request.

If faculty wish to attend a conference during the summer or early in the Fall semester they should retain all their original receipts and submit them for review in September when all other requests are reviewed by the Dean's.  Following the decision by the Dean's, each faculty member will be notified if travel has been approved (and for how much) and also if it has been denied.
Please refer to the​ Allocation Policy for the guidelines. When submitting the expense report (with all original receipts) faculty must also attach a  Faculty Development Trip Report.​
For information on completing travel advances and/or expense forms, please refer to the Controller's webportal under "Accounts Payable Procedures".
If you have been notified that your funding has been approved:
Read JU's latest travel policy before the trip to make sure that you understand the current rules, especially the requirement for itemized receipts.
Keep copies of your reimbursement request for your files.
Send the following items in hard copy to your division chair who will forward it to the dean who will then forward to AA
Travel Expense Report (see above)           
a.     Fill in the form online. Forms filled out by hand cannot be accepted.
b.     Save the filled out form to your hard drive. It will not print until saved.
c.     Print a hard copy and staple your receipts to it. (Financial Affairs requires original, itemized receipts for expenses and meals. Any restaurant can create an itemized receipt if asked, even if it must be hand written.  Example: If you charge a meal to your hotel room or have room service, ask for an itemized receipt that shows what items were ordered. The checkout statement, where your meal is listed as simply “dinner” or “lunch” without specifics, will not work for reimbursement.
Use this link if you need to convert your expenses from some other currency to the US dollar. Plug in the actual dates of your trip. The web page calculates an average exchange rate for the period of time you traveled. Put the average on the form and attach the web page printout to the expense report as proof of the correct exchange rate.
Faculty Development Trip Report (see above).This is a requirement for reimbursement and further funding.  It describes what knowledge you brought back to JU from your funded activity. List seminars/workshops, or other activities that you have presented or will present to your JU colleagues /students using the knowledge gained from your funded activity. Also, a copy of the conference program must be attached
The Controller's Office will send you an email when your check is ready to be picked up.  Their office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Howard Building.