COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES - Dr. Douglas Hazzard, Dean, and Associate Professor of Spanish
Humanities Division:
Dr. Carole C. Barnett,  Professor of Humanities; Dept. Coordinator for Humanities
Dr. Julie Sloan Brannon,  Professor of English
Dr. Raymond H. Clines,  Professor of English
Dr. Sandra Lynn Coyle,  Professor of English;  Dept Coordinator for English
Mrs. Mary DeFalco,  Instructor of English
Mr. Robert C. Dew, Instructor of English
Dr. Erich D. Freiberger,  Professor of Philosophy
Ms. Maria “Nina” Gonzalez,  Instructor of Spanish
Dr. Matthew Groe,  Associate Professor of Philosophy; Dept. Coordinator for Philosophy & Religion
Dr. Janet Haavisto,  Professor of English & Director of Academic Enrichment; Faculty Chair, Director of Honors Program
Dr. Scott Kimbrough,  Professor of Philosophy; Division Chair of Humanities
Ms. Hyun-Ji Lim,  Assistant Professor of Communication
Dr. Jorge Majfud,  Assistant Professor of Spanish
Mr. Ed McCourt,  Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Patrick G. McLeod,  Professor of English
Dr. Sarah Murphy,  Associate Professor of English
Dr. Therese O’Connell,  Professor of French and German; Dept. Coordinator for Foreign Languages
Dr. Joana Owens,  Associate Professor of Humanities
Dr. Sarah Parker, Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Keith Saliba, Assistant Professor of Communication
Mr. Dennis K. Stouse,  Professor of Communication; Dept. Coordinator for Communication
Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette, Associate Professor of Communication
Naval Science (ROTC Program):
MAJ. Michael Beckhart  Instructor of Naval Science
LTJG Andrew Broyles, Instructor of  Naval Science
CAPT. Herbert Hadley  Commanding Officer and Instructor of NROTC
LT. Jamie Jarausch, Instructor of Naval Science
CDR. Christopher McCarthy, Executive Officer and Instructor of Naval Science
LT. David McDonner  Instructor of Naval Science
LT. Lisandro Vazquez, Instructor of Naval Science
Science and Mathematics Division:
Ms. Anne Acker, Assistant Professor of Computing Sciences, Dept. Coordinator for CS
Mr. Kenneth Black,  Instructor of Biology
Dr. Rose Borkowski,  Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. James Steve Browder,  Professor of Physics
Dr. Lee Ann Clements,  Professor of Biology & Marine Science; Division Chair of Science/ Math
Dr. Joseph Cradlebaugh,  Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dept. Coordinator for Chemistry
Dr. Pamela Crawford,  Professor of Mathematics; Dept. Coordinator for Mathematics
Mr. Dennis W. Dormady,  Associate Professor of Computing Sciences
Dr. Barbara A. Doyle,  Professor of Computing Sciences
Ms. Chieu Duong,  Instructor of Mathematics
Dr. Han Duong,   Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ms. Terry Lynn Ellis,  Instructor of Physics
Dr. John Enz,   Assistant Professor of Biology
Ms. Tara Fender,   Instructor of Mathematics
Dr. Nisse Goldberg,  Associate Professor of Biology & Marine Science
Dr. Zhaoyang (Jack) Huang, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry
Dr. Karen E. Jackson,  Professor of Biology; Director, Marilyn Repsher Center for Teaching & Learning
Dr. Brian Lane, Assistant Professor of Physics
Dr. Anna Little,   Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Daniel McCarthy, Associate Professor of Biology, Dept. Co-Coordinator for Biology & Marine Science
Ms. Cathy Miller,   Instructor of Biology
Dr. Daniel Moseley,  Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Polyxeni Mountrouidou, Assistant Professor of Computing Science
Dr. Michael Nancarrow,  Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Anthony Ouellette,  Associate Professor of Biology: Dept. Co-Coordinator for Biology & Marine Science
Dr. Christopher Potratz,  Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Dr. Mark Roycik, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Fred C. Senftleber,  Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Paul Simony,   Professor of Physics; Dept. Coordinator for Physics
Dr. Lucinda Sonnenberg,  Research Professor of Chemistry; Director of the Millar Wilson Lab 
Dr. Jeremy Stalker,  Assistant Professor of Marine Science
Dr. Natasha Vanderhoff,  Assistant Professor of Biology and Marine Science
Dr. Huihui (Helen) Wang, Assistant Professor of Engineering, Director of Engineering Dual Degree Program
Dr. Erika Ward, Resource Instruction of Mathematics
Dr. Ben Wehrung,  Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Social Sciences Division
Dr. Christi Bamford,  Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. S. Walker Blanton,  Professor of History
Dr. Craig Buettinger,  Professor of History
Dr. Heather Downs,  Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ms. Shelley Grant, Instructor of Sociology
Dr. Jesse Hingson,  Associate Professor of History
Dr. Sherri Lynn Jackson  Professor of Psychology; Division Chair of Social Sciences
Dr. S. Douglas Lewis,  Professor of Psychology
Dr. Steven D. MacIsaac Associate Professor of Political Science
Dr. John Jeffrey Martin,  Associate Professor of Geography
Dr. James November,   Professor of Psychology; Dept. Coordinator for Psychology
Dr. Raymond K. Oldakowski,  Professor of Geography; Dept. Coordinator for International Studies and Geography
Ms. Paulina Rippere, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Nathan J. Rousseau  Associate Professor of Sociology; Dept. Coordinator for Sociology
Mr. Eric Thomas,   Associate Professor of History; Dept. Coordinator for History
School of Education
Dr. Edwidge Bryant, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. Steven C. Davis,  Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Adele Hanlon,  Assistant Professor of Elementary Math Education
Ms. Tammy Ryan,  Assistant Professor of Reading
Dr. Colleen Wilson, Associate Professor of Education; Division Chair of School of Education
DAVIS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS:  Dr. Don Capener, Dean Davis College of Business and MGehee Chair of Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy
Accounting, General Business, Economics and Finance Division
Dr. Michael Adams,  Guy Botts Chair of Finance; Associate Professor; Dept. Coordinator Finance
Dr. Fjorentina Angiellari-Dajci, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Dr. J. Rody Borg,   Professor of Economics
Dr. Robert Boylan, Professor of Accounting; Dept. Coordinator Accounting
Dr. John Buck, Professor of Economics; Dept. Coordinator Economics
Dr. Kim Capriotti, Associate Professor of Finance and Accounting
Dr. Richard Cebula,  B.J. Walker/Wells Fargo Professor of Finance
Dr. Jill D’Aquilla,   Associate Professor of Accounting
Dr. Carol Dole,  duPont Endowed Chair in Business; Professor of Economics
Dr. Maggie Foley,  Assistant Professor of Finance
Mr. George Hall,   Instructor of Finance
Dr. Robert Houmes,  Assistant Professor of Accounting
Dr. Douglass Izard,  Resource Professor of Accounting
Dr. Ruth O'Keefe,  Professor of Accounting (on leave Fall 2013)
Dr. Hassan Pordeli,  Professor and Hugh Culverhouse Chair in Business
Dr. Hugh “Van” Seaton,  Resource Professor of Accounting & Finance
Dr. Barry J. Thornton, Professor of Economics
Aeronautics Program
Mr. Chad Kendall, Assistant Professor of Aeronautics
Dr. Juan Merkt   Director of Aeronautics
Mr. Ross Stephenson, Resource Assistant Professor of Aeronautics
Mr. Mark Willette, Associate Director of Aeronautics
Dr. Rhett Yates Associate Professor of Aeronautics
CAPT. Wayne Ziskal  Assistant Professor of Aeronautics
Marketing, Management, Internat’l Business and Decision Science/Information Management Division
Dr. Gordon Arbogast,  Professor of Management, Dept. Coordinator Management
Dr. Russell Baker,  Professor of Management
Dr. Marie-Laure Bougnol-Potter, Associate Professor of Management
Ms. Sandra Dean,  Resource Instructor of Business Communication
Dr. Julius Demps,   Assistant Professor of Management
Dr. George Gresham,  Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Matricia James, Associate Dean of Assessment & Accreditation; Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Douglas Johansen, Assistant Professor of International Business;
Dr. Angela Mattia,  Assistant Professor of Decision Science and Information Management
Dr. John Mirabella,  Assistant Professor of Management
Dr. Richard Murphy,  Assistant Professor of Marketing
Mr. Vince Narkiewicz,  Associate Professor of Marketing; Dept. Coordinator Marketing
Dr. Mohamad Sepehri, Associate Dean, DCOB, Professor of Management;
Dr. John Shaw,   Assistant Professor of Management
Dr. Mary W. Werner,  Professor of Marketing
Sport Business
Dr. Todd Hall, Assistant Professor of Sport Business
Dr. Cyntrice Thomas, Assistant Professor of Sport Business
LIBRARY - David Jones, Director
Ms. Jessica Collogan,  Resource Assistant Professor/Librarian
Ms. Anna K. Large,  Associate Professor; Reference Librarian
Ms. Linda Matyas,  Resource Associate Professor/Librarian
Ms. Paula McIntyre,  Associate Professor; Head of Technical Services, Special Collections Librarian
COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS - Dr. Sherri Jackson,  Interim Dean and Professor of Psychology
Division of Art and Art History
Mr. Bandar Albuliwi, Visiting Assistant Professor of Film
Mr. Jim Benedict,  Assistant Professor of Sculpture
Mr. Brian Frus,   Assistant Professor of Glass
Dr. William Hill, Associate Professor of Art Animation
Ms. Lily Kuonen,   Assistant Professor of 2D Design
Mr. Eric Kunzendorf,  Associate Professor of Computer Animation
Ms. Tiffany Leach, Artist in Residence - Visual Arts
Ms. Ginger Sheridan,  Associate Professor of Photography
Mr. David Smith,  Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts
Ms. Cheryl L. Sowder,  Associate Professor of Art History
Ms. Dana Tupa, Associate Professor of Art; Division Chair Art
Mr. John J. Turnock,  Associate Professor of Art
Division of Music
Ms. Kim Beasley, Assistant Professor of Voice
Mr. Artie Clifton,  Associate Professor of Music
Mr. Chris Creswell, Artist-in-Residence in Music
Dr. Thomas Harrison,  Professor of Music Business, Division Chair Music
Dr.  Jianjin He,   Associate Professor of Composition and Theory
Mr. James Ivey, Assistant Professor of Voice/Music Theatre
Dr. Michael Olson, Assistant Professor of Music Business
Mr. John Ricci,   Visiting Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
Dr. Marguerite Richardson, Associate Professor of Strings
Dr. Timothy Snyder,  Assistant Professor and Director of Vocal Studies
Mr. Gary Starling,  Artist in Residence of Music
Mr. George Steve,  Assistant Professor of Contemporary and World Music
Dr. Dennis R. Vincent,  Associate Professor of Music
Dr. Scott Watkins,  Associate Professor of Piano
Department of Theatre and Dance
Ms. Cari Coble,   Associate Professor of Dance; MFA Coordinator
Ms. Lana Heylock,  Assistant Professor of Dance
Ms. Deborah Jordan,  Assistant Professor of Theater Arts
Mr. Brian Lettow,  Technical Director/Designer, CFA
Mr. Michael Lomeka, Artist in Residence in Dance
Mr. Brian Palmer, Associate Professor of Dance; Division Chair Dance
Mr. Ben Wilson, Professor of Theatre Arts 
COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES -  Dr. Judith Erickson, Dean and Professor of Nursing 
School of Nursing
Dr. Cheryl L. Bergman,  Associate Professor of Nursing; Director of Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Theresa Chenot,   Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Michelle Edmonds,  Associate Professor of Nursing; Director of Graduate Programs
Dr. Carla Fry,  Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Mary Gipson,   Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Leigh Hart,  Professor of Nursing
Ms. Ann Heusinger,  Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ms. Kathleen Kavanagh,  Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Lynnette Kennison,  Associate Professor of Nursing
Ms. Roberta Logsdon, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Teresa MacGregor,  Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ms. Joyce A. McConnell,   Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Gloria McKee-Lopez, Associate Dean of Nursing and Associate Professor of Nursing
Ms. Tiffani Mickens,   Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing
Dr. Hilary Morgan,  Assistant Professor of Nursing
Mr. Dennis Oakes, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Andra Opalinski,   Associate Professor of Nursing; Director of RN-BSN Nursing Programs
Ms. Dian Renfro,   Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Jeane Richards,   Associate Professor of Nursing
Dr. Pam Rillstone,  Professor of Nursing
Ms. Nancy Robinson, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ms. Amber Santos, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ms. Mary Vanderhoef,  Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ms. Lindsay Wolf, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Exercise Science
Dr. Heather Hausenblas, Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Dr. Gail Maetozo, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Dr. Christopher Robertson, Assistant Professor of Sport Management and Exercise; Chair Exercise Science
Speech and Language Pathology
Dr. Sharon DiFino, Assistant Professor of Speech and Language Pathology
Dr. Christine Sapienza, Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences; Program Director of Speech and Language Pathology Program and Professor of Speech and Language Pathology
Dr. Judith Wingate, Associate Professor of Speech and Language Pathology
COLLEGE OF INTERDISCIPLANARY AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES –  Dr. Bill Crosby, Dean and Professor of Accounting; Acting Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Stephanie James  Assistant Professor of Education; Dept. Coordinator of Educational Leadership
Mr. Richard Mullaney, Director, Public Policy Institute
Dr. Ashley Johnson, Resource Faculty of Geography and Coordinator of the Sustainability Program

SCHOOL OF ORTHODONTICS -  Dr. Mark Alarbi, Dean and Program Director of the School of Orthodontics; Associate Professor of Orthodontics  
Dr. Ruben Alcazar Assistant Professor of Orthodontics
Dr. Cristina Araujo  Assistant Professor of Orthodontics: Director of Fellowship Clinical Research
Dr. Gaby El-Bahri  Assistant Professor of Orthodontics
Dr. Daniel Judge   Assistant Professor of Orthodontics
Dr. John Rumble   Assistant Professor of Orthodontics
Dr. John J. Sheridan  Professor of Orthodontics
Dr. William Swigler  Assistant Professor of Orthodontics
Dr. Xingzhong Zhang  Associate Professor of Orthodontics