Alternative Credit
Recognizing the rigor of Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Level certificates of various kinds, Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES), portfolio credit, and military credit programs, Jacksonville University awards up to 32 credits for successful work in these programs. Information on specific classes accepted for credit is available online. All alternative credit must be posted to the transcript before the student begins his or her senior year (90 earned credits or above).

You can find out more information about alternative credits by visiting the Registrar's site.

Registration Timeline 

  • Apply to Jacksonville University;
  • Get accepted;
  • Pay your $300 deposit to the Controller's Office. Once you have paid your deposit then your file is sent to The Advising Center;
  • The Advising Center will put together information about the math placement exam and registration process and email it to you before registration begins. 
  • Once you receive your registration email, call The Advising Center and set up an advising appointment. You can either come into our office, or be advised on the phone. Once you are advised you will then register on-line.
  • Prior to your advising appointment, you will be pre-registered in several selected, appropriate courses for your designated major.
  • During your advising appointment, you will finalize your complete class schedule through JU's online registration process.

Tips for parents

  • Encourage student to establish strong relationships with advisors and faculty
  • Encourage student to get involved in campus clubs and organizations - this provides another connection to campus plus career-related exposure and skills
  • Encourage student to seek help with difficult classes - tutoring, study skills, test taking, and time management assistance are all available on campus
  • Maintain open communication about grades and academic progress;
  • Although it may seem helpful, refrain from selecting or choosing a major for your student. Instead, help your student focus on personal interests, skills, like and dislikes, and how these fit with the world of work.