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JU hosts “Beneath the Waves Film Festival” March 21

Jacksonville University is one of a handful of sites across the country helping sponsor a “Beneath the Waves Film Festival,” with the free event at JU from 7-9 p.m this Friday, March 21, in Gooding Auditorium.beneath the waves art.jpg

The event, now in its fifth year, is a unique student-and-scientist-run film festival that has solicited hundreds of film shorts centering on marine issues. It’s designed to connect people from all walks of life and locations with stories about issues facing the oceans, say its founders, who are biologists and scientists from the University of Miami and other schools.

Jacksonville_BTW_flyer-page-001.jpgThe JU fest, whose sponsors are the JU Marine Science Research Institute and St. Johns Riverkeeper, is being held in conjunction with the 43rd Benthic Ecology Meeting, one of the largest scientific meetings for marine biologists in the U.S. The meeting is being hosted March 19-22 at the University of North Florida, which will hold a Beneath the Waves film fest for BEM participants March 20.
The Beneath the Waves Film Festival aims to encourage, inspire and educate scientists, advocates and the general public to produce and promote engaging marine-issue documentaries,” founders say on the film fest’s web site. Our goal is to facilitate widespread science communication by bringing together marine films from around the world for open discussion, while also providing hands-on educational opportunities for researchers interested in film and media outreach.”
Here is the lineup of student and scientist films on tap for this year’s festival at JU:
An Estuary's Story, Allison Randolph, Florida Institute of Technology; Beneath the Surface, Sami Kattan, Nomad's Land Inspirations; Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Brigitte Baptiste, Instituto de Investigaciòn de Recursos Biológicos Alexander Von Humboldt; Science UnSilenced: Sponges, Alexander Kattan, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; How Do You MPA, Lauren Malkani, Ocean Conservancy; Project Limulus, Sarah Elisabeth Pfeffer, Sacred Heart University; Tambalang, Sally Snow and Steve De Neef, Physalus NGO; The Immigrant, Omar Malik, Monte Kawahara, Ben Goldfarb, Geoffrey Giller and Mwanzaa Brown, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; CSIRO Marine Debris Project, Peter Robey, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO); Gloop, Gaby Bastyra and Joe Churchman; What Would You Say, Simon Spear; and The Story of Sharks, Brendan Talwar and Ian Rossiter.
For more information, visit and follow @Waves_FilmFest.

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