2's News for September 2014

     We really enjoyed seeing everyone at Open House. It was nice to meet the children that are new to the school as well as see some old friends. We are excited to start a new school year. As we know it may be a difficult transition from summer time to school time we hope to make it as easy as possible.
     We will be beginning with our unit on Farm.  We will discuss colors you may see on a farm as well as animals and the sounds they make.  It is a fun unit to start off with.
     Also please remember to bring in a change of clothes (shorts, shirts, and diapers or pull ups) for their cubby.  Also a bike helmet will be necessary if your child would like to ride a tricycle or a scooter during outside time.  Please remember to spray your child with bug spray before school.

     Please also watch our Facebook page as we will post pictures and updates weekly.

Thank you,

           Mrs. Henderson, & Ms. Donald