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Threes Class Notes

October 2015

    During the month of October we will be talking about the nighttime sky, nocturnal animals and Halloween.  We will begin the month with the nighttime sky.  We will create a night sky for our classroom and then use our flashlights to shine up at it while we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  We will listen to the books Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Kitten's First Full Moon.  We will also make star cheese toast for snack.

     In the middle of the month we will talk about some of the nocturnal animals we might find.  We will talk mainly about owls and bats.  We will sing "Mr. Owl" and "Wise Old Owl".  We will listen to the books All About Owls, Owl Babies, Flying Bats and Stellaluna.  We will make owl puppets to fly around to classical music and bats to hang from the ceiling in our night sky.  We will make owl sandwiches for snack.

     During the last part of the month, we will concentrate on the holiday of Halloween.  We will listen to the book It's Pumpkin Time.  We will use our flashlights again when we sing "I'm a Jack-o-lantern".  We will be making pumpkin pizzas for snack.  We will decorate bags that we will use on Wednesday, October 28th to trick-or-treat around JU's campus.  After we are finished trick-or-treating, we will share with our families all the songs we have learned this month.



** Picnic PALs begins October 2!! ** 
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