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Threes Class Notes

            During the month of January, we will be talking about the season of winter.  It is hard for the children to imagine winter with snow living here in Florida.  We will do several activities and read lots of books that relate to this topic.

     We will be learning several new songs this month.  One of these songs is Dear Old Frosty.  We will do a flannel board activity with it.  As we sing the children will add his pieces.  We will also illustrate a book that the children will take home at the end of the month. 

     We will have winter dress up clothes in our dress up area and in our winter store in the museum.  The children can try on coats, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves and boots.  It is always fun to see them all dressed up for winter.

    Some of the books we will be reading the month are:  Hello Snow, Snow, Sadie and the Snowman, Snowballs and The Snowy Day.  We will also talk about some of the animals that like to live in cold, snowy places such as penguins and polar bears.

    For art this month, we will be making a blizzard with shaving cream, a crystal snowflake with Borax soap, a bead snowflake and snowflakes cut from coffee filters.

     Cooking activities will include:  snowflake cheese toast, snowman biscuits and birthday muffins.

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