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Threes Class Notes

February 2016

    During the month of February we will be talking about shadows, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, mail and the post office.

     At the beginning of the month we will discuss groundhogs and shadows.  We will discuss what a groundhog looks like and what he likes to eat.  We will then discuss hibernation and Groundhog Day.  We will crawl through our burrow (tunnel) to get outside to see if we see our shadow.  If we do it means 6 more weeks of winter.  If we don't it means an early spring.

    Next we will talk about Valentine's Day.  We will decorate bags for our friends to drop valentines in.  Each child will bring in valentine cards for each of their friends.  They will then take a turn to deliver their own valentines into their friend's bag.  We will be reading The Valentine's Bears, The Valentine's Day Mess and Clifford's First Valentine's Day.  We will be making heart shaped cheese toast and heart shaped pizza.

    After Valentine's Day, we will start talking about the mail and the post office.  We will read A Letter To Amy, Corduroy Writes a Letter, Never Mail an Elephant and Penguin Post.  We will add envelopes to our writing desk.  The children will learn where to write who their letter is to and where to write their name as the return address.  We will also add a sticker for the stamp.  We will all dictate a letter to someone in our house and put it in an envelope with our home address on it.  Once they are all complete we will walk over to the JU post office, buy a stamp and mail it.

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