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Threes Class Notes


     During the month of March we will be talking about clouds, windy weather, spring and Easter.

     We will start off the month talking about clouds, cloud shapes and windy weather.  We will read the books Wind, Looks Like Spilt Milk,  and  Little Cloud.  We will head over to the soccer field to look up at the sky and see if we can spot any cloud shapes.  We will paint a cloud on blue paper. We will even make mashed potato cloud shapes for snack.  We will sing the song "When I Look In to the Sky".   

     We will start working on identifying our first name.  I will hold up a card with their name on it.  I will spell out the name as I point to each letter.  We will also make the first letter of our name out of pizza dough for snack.

     During the remainder of the month, we will focus on Spring and Easter.   We will make an egg out of paper-mache.  Once it is dry we will paint it in pastel colors.  We will also decorate a plain wicker basket with ribbon, jewels, feathers, etc. to use at our Easter egg hunt on Wednesday, April 1st.

     Spring Break will be March 14th – March 22nd.  During this time the school will be closed.

Let's explore our big JU Backyard and the St. John's River

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