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Fours Class Notes


May 2014
Dear Parents,
     We have three more weeks of school.   Where is the time going?  Our "End of the Year  Ceremony" is right around the corner.  This is a very special event for your child.  We hope all Moms and Dads will be able to come!  Grandparents are also welcome.   Your children should dress in church attire--see me if you have any questions.   The children will come to school at normal school time.   I will bring the children to the 3rd floor of the Administration Building and meet you there.  The event will begin at 10:00 on May 22.     This is a very special day for your child and you, therefore, if you have little ones, we ask, if possible, for you to find arrangements for them so you can devote all your attention to the ceremony! 
     Please watch the bulletin board for  the "food sign up" sheet.  The reception will be back at WLPS.  If you have questions, please see me or Mrs. Garrett. 
     Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs and more Dinosaurs!  Your children already know many facts about them!  We will  paint our clay dinosaurs, and start a  volcano this week!  Fun!    
     We will continue our "JU ABC" walks this week.  The Zoology Lab, JU  book store, boat house, concert hall, and many more places are on our schedule!   Please spray your children with insect repellent.   
     Thank you for returning library books last week.   This Friday will be our last walk to the library. 
     I hope you are checking out our WLPS Facebook page!    This week you will see photos of our "Friday airplane adventure" !  We had a great time. rain and all! 
Have a good week!
Mrs. Flakus
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