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Fours Class Notes

Dear Parents,
    What a great Halloween party we had last Wednesday!   Thank you, Parents, for coming, and thank you for the delicious food!  
    We will finish talking about "Fall" this week, and move on to our next unit.  We will be talking about Native Americans with emphasis on Florida natives-- Seminoles and Timucuans.  There is a wonderful painting of Seminoles in the JU Library.  It shows their chickees, canoes and wonderful colorful dress.  We will go to the Library to view this painting  on Monday!    
    Please bring in the fabric ASAP!  We are going to make Seminole vests and capes.  This will be a very busy month at school!   You will be invited to a Pow-Wow before Thanksgiving!  
    We worked in the garden last Thursday.   Pulling weeds is a big job!   We hope to plant a few vegetables this week!    
          Christmas is coming--remember our fundraising activities--Gift Cards, and Artsonia!
Have a good week!
Mrs. Flakus

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