September 2014

Dear Parents,

            Welcome to WLPS!  I am looking forward to the new school year and getting to know all of you and your children.  I enjoyed greeting familiar and new faces at the “Open House”!   Thank you for coming! 

The first couple of weeks of school we will be getting acquainted with WLPS, each other, and the Jacksonville University campus.  Please remember to spray your children with “bug repellent”!  Weather permitting, the children will play outside each day, and later in the week we will be walking around our JU Campus. 

            Our unit theme this month will be “Apples”.  We will learn all about apples—different varieties, where and how they grow, the different parts of an apple, and what different varieties taste like!  Yum!  Later in the month we will cook Apple Pie and Apple Sauce!  

            “Sharing” (show and tell) will be each Friday.  Your children may bring one favorite item from home to share with the class.  If possible, it should relate to the theme we are studying… (no items having to do with violence, or super heroes, please!)

            Fridays will also be our JU Library days!  I will let you know when we will begin this activity. 

            Our days will be very busy!  We will be learning new songs and finger plays, moving and dancing in Creative Music and Movement, reading stories, painting pictures, building and constructing with blocks, cooking, sorting and classifying manipulatives, putting together puzzles, using our gross motor skills playing outside, pretending in  dramatic play, writing, and more!  Your children will be very tired when they go home! 

  Once a month there will be available to you online, a “Parent Newsletter” with an overview of   activities planned for your child’s class that month.       For weekly updates, please check the bulletin board in the hallway!  

            If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask me or Mrs. Garrett.

            Thank you for sharing your children with us!   

            Mrs. Flakus


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