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About US

What is the SVA?
The SVA (Student Veterans of America) is a non-profit organization with a chapter on JU’s campus that allows the veterans attending our university a single, well heard, voice. JU has honored its growing number of veterans greatly in the past, but with this new organization it allows us to speak and be heard as a whole.
Where does the money go to?
As mentioned above, this race is put on by the SVA. Since we are a non-profit organization, all of the money goes to the student veterans at JU. Prior to the race, President Cost will be honoring the military veterans on campus with the unveiling of the new Veteran Center on campus that will provide veterans a place to network with future employers, study, research, and relax between classes.

About the race

What’s the difference between this race and other races with color?
For starters, all of the money received in by this race will either go to the runners in the form of t-shirts, color, and other goodies; or it will go ENTIRELY to charity, as opposed to other “fun runs” that are for-profit and thus more expensive. We also pride ourselves into NOT being another “cookie-cutter” charity run, so your questions will be addressed immediately and to your satisfaction…call it the military in us if you will.
What should I wear?
First off, I hope you are talking about the day of the race. That being said, we encourage you to wear whatever your heart desires as long as it’s mostly WHITE! Your t-shirt will be provided but if you want to bring your own you are free to do so. Lastly, be prepared to get color all over your outfit. The color will wash out of most clothes; however, a suit and tie is not recommended.
Is this a timed race?
No way! We might be all into fitness in the military, but this is about fun. Student, enjoy running around campus for once and visitors enjoy the beautiful view of our campus while getting doused in color.
What do I get if I win?
A big ol’ pat on the back by one of your friends (after the catch up to you).
Where can I park on campus?
The amphitheater (see the map) is paired with adequate parking to the east (in purple). If you need assistance, directors will help guide you from the JU entrance, otherwise, follow the music and people dressed in white. If they look like they once were white, but now look like a rainbow, you are way too early for next year.
Can I walk the race?
Yes, but that will make you an easy target for someone trying to hit you with color!
What age is allowed to run?
All ages are allowed! If you have a kid that wants to simply come out and throw color as a volunteer, they are more than welcome; however, they must be accompanied by an adult. Children 6 and under are free to run but will not receive a race packet unless they register.
Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately, no. If we allow pets knowing this is Florida, alligators are a possibility, which poses a problem with the answer to the question above.  
What if it rains the day of the race?
We will run rain or shine and lightening will result in a 30 minute delay. Weather updates can be found on our Facebook page from a week prior to the race until the firing gun.
Can someone help me with the registration process?
Yes! Any further questions can be answered by emailing If you wish, you may register the day of the race; just make sure to show up early to complete the process.

About Volunteers

Can I volunteer for the race?
What does a volunteer do?
 A volunteer will most likely be used to throw color at runners as they pass through one of the checkpoints. They may also be used if we need help in areas such as cleanup, directing runners, or mowing my lawn next week….read the fine print! JU volunteers can also use the time spent during this race towards their necessary volunteer hours for graduation.
What does a volunteer wear?
We will have t-shirts for volunteers until we run out. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and to get color on you.
Where do volunteers need to go?
The day of the race, preferably before the start of the race, check-in to the registration table and let them know that you are willing to be a volunteer.

About the color

Can I eat the color?
 We don’t recommend it and you most likely will not like the taste. This is non-toxic color; however, large consumptions will not cure disease or blindness.
How do I “throw color”?
Although this may seem self-explanatory, we understand the question. We will provide each runner with two bags of color (three for military veterans). You simply reach into your color of choice, pull out a handful, and let-‘er-fly. We ask that you do not aim at small children or people over the age of 100 as this is viewed as an “easy target” and may be frowned upon by military member. If you cannot hit a target, volunteers are usually just standing around, hint-hint.