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Evening Program Course Sequence

​JU PPI offers an evening program for working students, mid-career professionals, Teach for America Corp members, public sector employees and others who wish to continue working or teaching while attaining the MPP degree. The evening courses meet once a week and full time and evening program students take the same evening classes.

The degree requirements for the MPP Evening Program are the same as the full time MPP program, although the summer internship requirement may be waived for qualifying work experience. Evening Program students can complete the MPP degree in three years (instead of two) by taking two classes a semester, including two summers. Additional classes may be taken during any semester by Evening Program students in order to graduate earlier.

The typical course sequence for MPP Evening Program students starting in the fall of 2013 is as follows:

Year One

Year One Fall Semester

  • PPOL 501 – Microeconomics for Public Policy
  • PPOL 511 - Political Institutions, Processes and Public Policy

Year One Spring Semester

  • PPOL 502 - Public Finance
  • PPOL 513 - Law and Public Policy

Year One Summer Semester

  • PPOL Elective – Policy-oriented law school course.
  • PPOL 550/MGT 550. Leading Organizations
    Note: Summer Internship (Waived for qualifying work experience)

Year Two

Year Two Fall Semester

  • PPOL 512 - Ethics and Public Policy
  • PPOL 521 – Statistics and Research Methods in Public Policy

Year Two Spring Semester

  • PPOL 531. Quantitative Methods and Analysis or PPOL 530/ DSIM (BUS). 530. Analytical Methods for Decision-Making
  • PPOL Elective

Year Two Summer Semester

  • PPOL Management Course
  • PPOL Elective

Year Three

Year Three Fall Semester

  • Capstone Policy Project I: PPOL 695-696 or PPOL 697-698
  • PPOL 541 - Public Policy Analysis

Year Three Spring Semester

  • Capstone Policy Project II : PPOL 695-696 or PPOL 697-698
  • PPOL Elective