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MPP Degree Requirements

The JU MPP degree is a 2 year, 48 credit program. It includes 10 core courses, an internship, a two-semester capstone policy project and four elective courses. One elective is a policy-oriented course at the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL).

The following is a summary of the JU MPP Degree Requirements.

Core Curriculum

Economics (6 credits)

PPOL 501 – Microeconomics for Public Policy (3)
PPOL 502 – Public Finance (3)

Political Institutions, Law and Public Policy (9 credits)

PPOL 511 - Political Institutions, Processes and Public Policy (3)
PPOL 512 – Ethics and Public Policy (3)
PPOL 513 – Law and Public Policy (3)

Quantitative Methods and Reasoning (8 credits)

PPOL 521 – Statistics and Research Methods in Public Policy (3)

PPOL 531 – Quantitative Methods and Analysis (2) or
PPOL 530 – Analytical Methods for Decision Making (2)
PPOL 541 – Public Policy Analysis (3)

Leadership, Management and Administration (5 credits)

PPOL 550/MGT 550 – Leading Organizations (2)
PPOL 610/MGT 610 – Strategic Human Resource Management (3), or
PPOL 611/MGT 620 – Responsible Leadership (3), or
PPOL 612/MGT 630 – Teamwork and Organizational Change (3)


Internship – PPOL 590 – JU PPI Internship (2 credits)

All JU MPP students are required to complete a summer internship following the
first year of MPP courses.

Electives (12 credits)

JU MPP students must take 4 elective courses (12 credits). Electives include
courses in diverse policy areas, including education, healthcare, economic
development, and other policy areas. In addition, one elective course is a policy
oriented course at the law school (FCSL) in the third or fourth semester.

Capstone Policy Project (6 credits)

MPP students in the second year must complete a two-semester Capstone Policy
Project. Students choose between working in a small group with a faculty advisor
on a policy problem for a real world client organization (Client Policy Project) or
working individually with a faculty advisor on a research thesis on a policy
question of their choosing (Research Policy Thesis).

Client Policy Project I and II

PPOL 695 – Capstone Project: Client Policy Project I (3)
PPOL 696 – Capstone Project: Client Policy Project II (3)

Research Policy Thesis I and II

PPOL 697 – Capstone Project: Research Policy Thesis I (3)
PPOL 698 – Capstone Project: Research Policy Thesis II (3)