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Academic Calendar

Upward Bound Program - Jacksonville University - 256-7150


 During the Academic School Year, students visit JU each Saturday and receive help in classes they are currently taking at their local high school. Students arrive by 8:00am for Morning Assembly and then attend classes from 8:30am-11:40am. On Seminar Saturdays (1st Saturday of each month), students stay until 2pm, enjoying both lunch and a guest speaker to encourage continued growth and broaden their horizons culturally and socially. Students are transported by a bus that will pick them up from their target high schools. Parents/ Guardians are also free to drop off their student(s) as well.

Academic School Year Schedule

JU UB Academic Component End of Year Schedule 2015-2016.pdf

August 2016

Senior Parent Meeting @11am.

September 2016

​4​5​6​7​8​9​10. Classes Begin, Seminar 
Dismissed @2pm.
UF Shadow Day/Tour( Unviersity of Florida, Gainesville, FL.)
​17.Classes Continue. SGA Metting. Parent Meeting
23​24. College Tour UNF or SJR

October 2016

1.SAT Test Day. Classes Continue. Seminar Dismissed @2pm
​2​3​4​5​6​7​8. Classes Continue. SGA Metting. Parent Meeting
​9​1011​12​13​1415. No Classes.
Field Trip- National College Fair @ Prime F. Osborn Convention Center.
​16​17​18​19​2021​22. ACT Test Day. Classes Continue.
232425​26​2728​29. 1st. Honor Roll Celebration. Classes Continue.

November 2016

1​2​3​45. SAT Test Day. Classes Continue. Seminar Dismissed @2pm.
​6​7​8​9​10​1112. Classes Continue. SGA Metting. Parent Meeting
​13​14​15​16​17​1819. NO Upward Bound- FAEOOP Student Leadership Conference.
​21​22​23​24​25​26.NO Upward Bound- Thanksgiving Weekend.
​28​29​30​1​2​3. SAT Test Day.
Classes Continue. Lunch(@12:00pm).
Christmas Party(@12:45pm-1:30pm)

Jacksonville University Upward Bound

Bus Schedule 2016-2017



Bus Pick up at - Ribault 6:50 am, Raines 6:55, Jackson 7:10, Lee 7:20. Englewood 7:35 - Arrive at JU 8:00 am

Leave JU at 12:00 pm. Arrive at - Englewood 12:20, Lee 12:35, Jackson 12:50, Raines 1:00, Ribault 1:05 pm

*On seminar days - leave JU at 2:00 pm. Arrive at - Englewood 2:20, Lee 2:35, Jackson 2:50, Raines 3:00, Ribault 3:05 pm.

Bus Stops:

  • Ribault High School   At the corner of Winton and Howell
  • Raines High School    In front of the entrance gate on Raines Ave by the outfield house
  • Jackson High School  On 29th Street at the regular school bus stop (by the band room)
  • Lee High School McDuff Ave. - in front of the school at the bus turnoff
  • Englewood High Off Barnes Rd. in the main parking lot by the auditorium

Reminders Parents & Students:

  • You must be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • You must be standing at the bus stop, not in a parked car, when the bus arrives.  (The bus driver may not see you if you are inside a vehicle.)
  • All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting the true spirit of the principles that uphold the Upward Bound Program at all times – including on the bus!
  • No participant will be allowed to act in such a way that can reasonably be expected to disturb the academic pursuit or infringe upon the privacy rights, privileges, health or safety of other persons.
  • Respect for others is to be shown by using acceptable language, no profanity!  Everyone is expected to be considerate of others' feelings.