The Instructional Leadership and Organizational Development (ILOD) program concentration is grounded in leadership theories, in-demand leadership skills sets, adult learning tenets, and principles of learning.
The ILOD Leadership core includes courses in Self-awareness and Interpersonal Development, Organizational Behavior and Change Management, Data-driven Decision-making, and Ethical Decision-making. In the leadership core, learners will gain a clear understanding of the following:

what they bring to the leadership relationship;
how groups and teams are formed and best function;
how people act in organizations and how to manage and guide change efforts;
how to leverage and make decisions about technology for organizational growth;
how human resource development principles and law operate in tandem;
the role and how to’s of effective coaching, mentoring and career development in the workplace.

The skills dimension of the ILOD concentration will empower learners to become  effective consumers, examiners, and producers of research. Additionally, program participants will acquire knowledge of program evaluation and development, grant-writing and resource development,and adult learning principles and how these principles can be applied to leadership efforts in areas such as training and professional development. Effective communication is also a part of the Leadership and Learning skills set and addressed in all classes.  A culminating capstone experience calls for a synthesis of the leadership core and skills dimension in a final project. 

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Instructional Leadership and Organizational Development (ILOD) curriculum

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The M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership and Organizational Development (ILOD) concentration was designed by Jacksonville University to meet the growing demand for professional development of the practicing and prospective leaders, managers and other executives, for the 21st-century. The Master’s degree concentration is designed to meet the needs of students with interests both within and outside the traditional public school arena, and will include general education theory and practice, education administration, and community-based programs. The concentration is geared towards improving the knowledge and understanding of the participants, by relating leadership theory, adult learning theory and best practices in leadership to their own contexts and situations.
Required Courses
EDL 560
Instruction and Evaluation
EDL 546
School Curriculum
Core Curriculum
EDL 544
Leadership and Learning I: Self-Assessment and  
Interpersonal Development​
EDL 548​
Leadership and Learning II: Organizational Behavior/​
Change Management ​
EDL 549
Leadership and Learning III: Data-driven 
Decision Making ​
EDL 554
Leadership and Learning IV: Ethical Decision Making 
EDL 543
Educational Research and Evaluation 
EDL 547
Grant Writing and Resource Development 
EDL 558
Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Leadership 
and Learning ​
EDL 559
Leadership Capstone