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Volume IV

The Media's Influence on Public Perceptions of Homosexuality
Michele McGovern
Special Feature: Our Winning Submission from the Common Reading Essay Contest:
Should the United States' Immigration Policy be Changed?
Sallie Marie Futch

Volume III

Residence-to-Garden Greywater Delivery System
Reynold Ly, Patrick Stoner, Leon Huderson, and Janelle Dey

Twenty-four interactions among bacilli
Ayesha Patela and Anthony Ouellette
JU Symposium Presentation: "Allelopathy & Identification of Bacteria" by Ayesha Patela

The Mithridatic Wars
Adian Sheerin

The Science behind Baseball
Alejandro Madariaga, Tereka Harris, and Leon D. Huderson 

Volume II

Silent Protests: Student Dissent at Jacksonville University during the late 1960s and early 1970s
Matthew Avery

Potter versus Snape: Vying for the Title of the True Romantic Hero
Kendall Brunson

Astrology and British Military Intelligence during World War II: The Strange Case of Louis De Wohl
Ivan Chernov

Flannery O'Conner Is Hard to Find
Harley Ferris

Painted With the Faces of America
April Sullivan

The Taboo of Tattoos: Changes in Body Art during the New Deal and World War II
Tiffany West

Volume I

 In Vitro Rate of Phagocytosis in Macrophages Stimulated by Astragalus Membranaceus (Paper - PDF) (Presentation - PPS)
    Curtis Dobrowolski

    Are We There Yet? A Study in Dystopian Fiction
    Harley Ferris

    The Strategies Used During the Process of Adoption
    Shana Grossman

    Respiratory Bursts in Garlic Treated Microphages
    Shannon Proctor

    Educational Institutions Achievement Index: Measuring Florida Public Schools; FCAT, Magnet Schools, and Beyond
    Kory Von Leue