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JRAD: Volume V
Romantic Views of Science & Barbauld's "Petition"
Alyssa Stubbs
A Young Mother's War: Octavia Bryant-Stevens, Family Life, and Death
In Northern Florida During the Civil War
James Thomas
Deconstructing the Chaotic World: Illustrating the Analytical Process of the Human Mind
Arelis Resto
Putting St. Michael on the Map: The Role of the South Fork Hunting and Fishing Club Preservation Society in Developing the Forrest Hills Historic District
Richard White

Volume IV

The Media's Influence on Public Perceptions of Homosexuality
Michele McGovern
Special Feature: Our Winning Submission from the Common Reading Essay Contest:
Should the United States' Immigration Policy be Changed?
Sallie Marie Futch


Volume III

Residence-to-Garden Greywater Delivery System
Reynold Ly, Patrick Stoner, Leon Huderson, and Janelle Dey

Twenty-four interactions among bacilli
Ayesha Patela and Anthony Ouellette
JU Symposium Presentation: "Allelopathy & Identification of Bacteria" by Ayesha Patela

The Mithridatic Wars
Adian Sheerin

The Science behind Baseball
Alejandro Madariaga, Tereka Harris, and Leon D. Huderson 

Volume II

Silent Protests: Student Dissent at Jacksonville University during the late 1960s and early 1970s
Matthew Avery

Potter versus Snape: Vying for the Title of the True Romantic Hero
Kendall Brunson

Astrology and British Military Intelligence during World War II: The Strange Case of Louis De Wohl
Ivan Chernov

Flannery O'Conner Is Hard to Find
Harley Ferris

Painted With the Faces of America
April Sullivan

The Taboo of Tattoos: Changes in Body Art during the New Deal and World War II
Tiffany West

Volume I

 In Vitro Rate of Phagocytosis in Macrophages Stimulated by Astragalus Membranaceus (Paper - PDF) (Presentation - PPS)
    Curtis Dobrowolski

    Are We There Yet? A Study in Dystopian Fiction
    Harley Ferris

    The Strategies Used During the Process of Adoption
    Shana Grossman

    Respiratory Bursts in Garlic Treated Microphages
    Shannon Proctor

    Educational Institutions Achievement Index: Measuring Florida Public Schools; FCAT, Magnet Schools, and Beyond
    Kory Von Leue