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The Jacksonville University Student Life office would like to welcome all JU international students.  This web site contains a wide variety of information with which international students studying on student visas should be familiar.  Please take the time to read all of the information thoroughly. 

International students are responsible for knowing and abiding by United States Federal Government rules and regulations, Student Code of Conduct, and other University policies.  United States Federal Government rules and regulations vary based on the type of scholarship assistance internationals receive.  Careful attention should be paid to both United States Federal Government and University regulations governing the stay of international students.

The Student Life office is located on the third floor of the Davis Student Commons, and international student concerns should be addressed to that office.  The members of the Student Life Office are very willing to assist with questions, problems, and concerns.  The Dean of Students office has the primary responsibility for international students and should be consulted with immigration concerns. 

The information on this web site is not all-inclusive.  Please contact Student Life for additional information.
Kristie Gover
Chief Student Affairs Officer
Susan Bonfanti
Office Associate/International Student Advisor