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If are beginning your college career and want to pursue a career in nursing, Jacksonville University’s School of Nursing offers you the opportunity to complete your nursing degree in three years with our traditional program.  

To apply, you must first submit an undergraduate application to the University office of admissions if you have not already been accepted to Jacksonville University. From there, you must submit the nursing application with supporting materials to the School of Nursing by April 1, including unofficial transcripts and three forms of recommendation, two professional and one personal. You will also have an interview, after which you will be assigned an essay topic. You will be scored on your cumulative GPA, interview, essay, and recommendations.

Admission requirements:

  • A $15 nonrefundable application fee
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in non-nursing courses
  • Complete, prior to enrollment, a minimum 28 credit hours towards the nursing major including the following prerequisites.
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • A General Chemistry (must include a lab)
  • English Composition I

Credit received on the basis of CLEP or Advanced Placement may be included to meet some of these requirements as appropriate under JU policies. Prerequisites courses with less than a “C” grade may be repeated once, and no more than two courses may be repeated. Letters to the School of Nursing Admissions, Progression and Retention Committee may request an exception to this requirement.

For additional information, please contact Stephanie Bloom at slbloom@ju.edu or 904-256-7286.


Recommended Curriculum Plan:

Freshman Year - Fall


 Course  Title  Credits
 **BIOL 215  Anatomy & Physiology I  4
 **ENGL103  Intro to Writing  3
 **CHEM 101/103  Intro to Chemistry/General Chemistry  4
 *HIST 150  The Modern World  3
   Total  14


Freshman Year - Spring


 Course  Title  Credits
 **BIOL 216  Anatomy & Physiology II  4
 *ENGL 203  World Literature  3
 *CS 150  Intro to Computer  3
 **MATH 205  Intro to Statistics  3
 XXX xxx  Elective  3
   Total  16


Sophomore Year - Fall


 Course  Title  Credits
 NUR 212SI  Foundations of Pro. Nursing  3
 NUR 222  Nursing Assessment  3
 **BIOL 210  Human Nutrition  3
 **PSYC 210  Human Growth & Development  3
 *XXX xxx  Social Science Core  3
   Total  15


Sophomore Year - Spring


 Course  Title  Credits
 NUR 220  Essentials of Nursing  3
 NUR 221  Essentials of Nursing Practice  2
 NUR 202  Intro to Pharmacology  1
 **BIOL 222  Micro for Health Professionals  4
 *PHIL 101  Intro to Philosophy  3
 *HUM xxx  Any Humanities  3
   Total  16




 Course  Title  Credits
 *ECON 201  Macroeconomics  3
 *IS xxx  International Studies Core  3
 *XXX xxx  Fine Arts Core  3
   Total  9


Junior Year - Fall


 Course  Title  Credits
 NUR 310  Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Theory  3
 NUR 311  Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Practice  2
 NUR 312  Adult Health Theory  3
 NUR 313  Adult Health Practice  2
 NUR 302  Pharmacology I  1
 NUR 316WI  Research  3
   Total  14


Junior Year - Spring


 Course  Title  Credits
 NUR 320  Advanced Adult Health Theory  4
 NUR 321  Advanced Adult Health Practice  2
 NUR 304  Pharmacology II  1
 NUR 328  Child-Rearing Family Theory  3
 NUR 329  Child-Rearing Family Practice  2
   Total  14


Senior Year - Fall


 Course  Title  Credits
 NUR 410 Critical Care Nursing Theory  2
 NUR 411 Critical Care Nursing Practice  3
 NUR 454 A Conceptual Approach to Pathophysiology  3
 NUR 434 Care of the Child-Bearing Family Theory  3
 NUR 435 Care of the Child-Bearing Family Practice  2
   Total  13


Senior Year - Spring


 Course  Title  Credits
 NUR 436SI  Community Health Nursing Theory  2
 NUR 437  Community Health Nursing Practice  2
 NUR 422WI  Nursing Leadership & Management  3
 NUR 423  Nursing Synthesis  5
   Total  12


*University core requirements

**School of nursing prerequisites (must be completed by beginning of the Junior year)​​