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The education concentration provides theory and practice, which builds upon the knowledge and experiences students bring to the curriculum and facilitates the further development of skills in the art of teaching nursing. The teaching role option offers the choice of focusing on adult education (staff development and/or continuing education in a health care agency) or higher education (teaching nursing students in a degree-granting institution). The education sequence includes three educational theory courses offered in the School of Education in the College of Arts and Sciences and three education seminars and practicum courses offered in the School of Nursing and an elective course. he education concentration prepares the student to continue graduate study at the Doctoral level.

  MSN Nursing Core



NUR 510 Nursing Theory & Research I 3
NUR 512 Organization, Delivery, and Policy in Healthcare 3
NUR 514 Nursing Leadership and Advanced Roles 3
NUR 516 Information Systems & Technology for Improved Healthcare 3
NUR 520 Nursing Research & Theory II 3
NUR 551 Advanced Role Practicum 3
NUR 560 Research based Project (if needed) 0





The Education MSN requires a total of 15 credit hours as follows:
NUR 548 Curriculum Development in Nursing 3
NUR 502 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NUR 521 Pharmacology & Physical Assessment for the Clinical Nurse Educator 3
NUR 525 Measuring Educational Outcomes in Nursing 3
NUR 526 Engaged Learning 3
Total 15