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May 31, 2014
Identify the Signs:

Do you know the signs of stroke, voice problems, swallowing problems, autism, or developmental speech-language delay? Come meet the experts at our "Identify the Signs" free event! May 31, 2014 on the Jacksonville University (JU) campus - Lazzara Health Science Center from 10 - 12 noon. More to come!

April 14, 2014

Swallowing and Dysphagia: Unravelling the Complexities

Dr. Christine Sapienza has been invited to address speech pathologists at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital today in Dublin, Ireland, at the inaugural conference Swallowing and Dysphagia: Unravelling the Complexities. 

February, 2014

Sunshine State Tour

Dr. Judy Wingate represented the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at a luncheon on Saturday, February 8, 2014 with high school guidance counselors participating in the Sunshine State Tour’s visit to Jacksonville University. The luncheon was held in the Alumni House with presentations given by students.  These counselors were from the United States and Canada and from a number of international schools in Europe and the Middle East. JU President Tim Cost speaking on new facilities, upgrades and other exciting developments at JU, accompanied by Student Association President Will Baxley.

Jacksonville University of First Coast Connect

​This presentation features talks from Jacksonville University's department of CSD, Aviation, Marine Science and Fine Arts. Click here for more information.


March, 2014

Dr. Judy Wingate receives a Very Special Thank You for her Volunteer Leadership Role with ASHA SIG 3 and her contributions to the upcoming March 2014 issue of SIG3 Perspectives: Dr. Sharon DiFino, faculty member of CSD organizes a panel discussion involving JU students and presents at the Florida Conference of Historians.

Selected presentations from the Florida Conference of Historians

*"One Hundred Years of Health Care: From Europe to America." Stuttering Treatments in Europe: A Case Study of Henry Freund, Co-Founder of the Stuttering Foundation of America. Sharon M. DiFino, Jacksonville University, Email address: sdifino@ju.edu

*One Hundred Years of Dentistry: How Women Redefined Dentistry: From Therapeutic to Preventive Oral Health. Email address: lmerkt@jacksonville.edu

*An Overview of Hearing Devices and Technology over the Last 100 Years. Caitlin O’Neill

*The Lung Block: Epicenter of Crisis in Progressive-Era New York City 24. Adrienne D. deNoyelles, University of Florida. Email address: addenoyelles@ufl.edu

22nd Annual Dysphagia Research Society 

Dr. Christine Sapienza has been invited to speak at the 22nd Annual Dysphagia Research Society, Nashville TN this March. The DRS conference is designed for clinicians, researchers and physicians who take care of patients with swallow disorders. Sapienza is on the 2014 faculty list of presenters and will be a panelist March 5, 2013 discussing well used treatments for swallowing including the expiratory muscle strength training program she developed. Sapienza represents Jacksonville University, College of Health Sciences and Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital at this international conference gathering of specialists.

Click here for more information.

December 2013

CAA Level II Candidacy Site Visit Complete

The Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) completed a Level 2 review of the Jacksonville University department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (JU CSD) as part of the accreditation application for the new Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS SLP) program. For more information on the MS SLP program start date, please contact Dr. Christine Sapienza, PhD at csapien@ju.edu​

News keeps coming to you about JU CSD and its growth! 

Dr. Sapienza speaks to Jacksonville Rotary


Dr. Sapienza and Frances Kinne.jpg

From left, Christine Sapienza, associate dean of the Jacksonville University College of Health Sciences, and JU Chancellor Emeritus Frances B. Kinne.​

"Our College of Health Sciences is experiencing explosive growth,” JU President Tim Cost said. Future health care education expansion at the private university by 2016 includes a master’s degree program in health information management, a master’s in health executive leadership and a master’s in occupational therapy.

“We are rocking and rolling at JU,” said Sapienza. She said speech pathology is “one of the most important arms of rehabilitation” and there are opportunities in the field from pediatrics to geriatrics. Sapienza said the need for qualified speech pathologists is expected to continue to grow. JU’s expansion of its health care curriculum is a response to the projected increased need for qualified professionals.

“There is a shortage of speech pathologists in the country, in the region and in this county,” she said.

Click here for more information.

September 2013

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing FinFest 2013

Dr. Christine Sapienza and Sharon Dr. DiFino, JU speech pathology faculty and guests of JU President Tim Cost attend FinFest 2013 on the River in support of the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center's annual fundraiser. This tropical-themed, casually-festive event was a special evening held at the Timuquana Country Club - all for a wonderful cause: to benefit the children, adults and seniors in Northeast Florida who are in need of speech, language and/or hearing needs. Go Dolphins for supporting such a wonderful event and recognizing the tremendous efforts of Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center.  

Finfest 1.jpg

Pictured on the far left: Jasmine Bragg, Jacksonville resident, Dr. Sharon DiFino and Dr. Christine Sapienza

October 2013:

March Madness: Check out Major Madness, October, 2013 at JU. 



NIH Grant: Sapienza brings NIH grant​ to Jacksonville University. See here!​​