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With over 30 years of aviation training, Jacksonville University Aviation has a rich history. Graduates from both majors; Aviation Management and Aviation Management & Flight Operations are shaping all parts of the industry will their skills and leadership. Jacksonville University Aviation Alumni - today's leader's in Aviation.​

Some of our Alumni


Johann Thorarensen, AVO 2001

A native of Iceland, Johann graduated form JU in 2001 with an AVO degree and then started working at Sterling Flight Training At Craig Airport progress​ing to Assistant Chief Flight Instructor. Johann progressed to Air Iceland as a First Officer on the Fokker 50. More recently, Johann has moved to Icelandair as a First Officer on the Boeing 757 with approximately 4000 total flight hours.



Aimee Clancy, AVM 2000

After graduating, Aimee worked in New Hampshire in the State's B​ureau of Aeronautics. She then left to further pursue the field of emergency management accepting a position with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Washington DC, overseeing Homeland Security Preparedness grant programs.



Justin Schlecter, AVO 2002

After graduating he spent about a year and a half flight instructing at the Delta Connection Academy until being hired at Chautauqua Airlines in April 2004. Justin spent two years based at LaGuardia as a First Officer flying Embraer 145 regional jets, then upgrading to Captain where he was based in Buffalo, NY and Cincinnati, OH. He got hired by Cathay Pacific in August 2007 where he now flies B747-400's based out of New York.​