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​​​​What is the application deadline?
Jacksonville University uses rolling admission with soft deadlines, which means there is no official deadline for applications to be submitted. However, if the number of qualified applicants exceeds available space, we will close enrollment for that academic year. For maximum admission and scholarship consideration, high school seniors should apply in September or October of their senior year. The very first priority application date is November 15th – if you have submitted all of your documents by this time, you will receive your admissions decision on December 1st. Students applying after that point should not be discouraged from submitting their application. Students interested in the NROTC program should apply as early as August, especially if they are interested in the NROTC scholarship. The Freshman Nursing program also only accepts a certain number of students, so they should apply early on for maximum consideration. If interested in the Honors Program, students must be accepted, nominated and applied for the Honors Program by February 1st. Bottom line: the earlier a student submits an application, the better.

What is the application fee?
The nonrefundable application fee is $30 for all undergraduate applicants. Application fee payments may be made online with credit card or electronic check. Fee waivers are accepted for domestic students whose economic circumstances make the payment of the $30 application fee difficult. Fee waivers must be acquired from their current high school guidance counselor, and may be either mailed or faxed in to the Office of Admission.

Is an essay required for applicants?
No. Jacksonville University does not require essays, resumes, or letters of recommendation; however, students are welcome to submit supplemental information to enhance their application file

How long does it take for a student to receive an admissions decision?
Admissions decisions are typically made within 4 weeks of receiving all student documentation. Students may call their admissions counselor and check on their status at any time.

Do you look at the writing section of the SAT or ACT?
No. Students may submit the version of the tests with the writing section, but we typically do not consider it as part of the application review process.

Is it better to only send JU the highest ACT or SAT score if a test is taken more than once?
No. Jacksonville University considers the highest combined SAT or composite ACT score on file. There is no disadvantage in sending multiple test scores to the Office of Admissions since the lower test scores are disregarded. Also, if the student’s highest test score is average, showing that they have attempted the test multiple times shows that they at least challenged their first score.

Does JU super-score for the SAT and ACT?
ACT – No. SAT – Yes.

What if applicants want to change the senior year course schedule listed on their application?
JU does not “accept” or “decline” course schedule changes; however, students should notify the university if a course schedule does change and should be aware this change may affect their admissibility or offer of admission. The most important thing to remember is the student needs to earn the proper credits to receive a high school diploma from their current school.

Do students apply directly to an intended major?
They may, but do not have to. Students are not required to declare a major until junior year, but if they know what major they are interested in, they may list it on their application.

Does Jacksonville University accept precollege credits from Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program?
Yes. High school students can receive credit through AP examinations and through the IB Diploma Program. Student should have examination scores sent directly to the Office of Admissions for review. Strong scores may allow for a course waiver or course credit. There are AP Credit sheets on your college recruitment event table for you to hand them if they want to know score requirements for a specific AP class.

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program?
The IB Diploma Program is a comprehensive and balanced two-year curriculum and assessment system for students ages 16-19 that requires students to study courses across all disciplines. Its purpose is to facilitate the international mobility of students preparing for university study by providing schools with a curriculum and diploma recognized by educational systems around the world. The IB Diploma Program can be found in schools around the globe, including in the United States.

Does Jacksonville University accept dual-enrollment credit?
Yes. High school students who are dually enrolled at a regionally accredited college or university may be eligible to receive credit for coursed work completed at that institution. Since evaluations are made on a course-by-course basis, we cannot tell you what JU credit you will be receiving until you submit the dual enrollment college transcripts to your admissions counselor.

What are the minimum requirements for acceptance to JU?
The middle 50% of the freshman class entering in 2013 is projected to be within these ranges:

  • High school GPA: 3.45 weighted
  • Composite ACT: 20-25
  • Critical Reading + Math portions of SAT: 950-1130

These numbers are not minimum requirements for admission; however, students within or above these ranges are most competitive.